A traditional style pantomime with a new millenium feel !!


Another fully scripted original story featuring adult cast and a delightful children’s chorus. Again presented in two parts to maximise customer       presence in your centre or club.


In the first half –

We meet Angelica, Little Red Riding Hood’s guardian angel. She keeps a watchful eye over Little Red when she is in the forest.  Angelica’s wings are busy

keeping up with Dealer Dan, the unscrupulous land dealer and his close buddy, The Wolfman. Dealer Dan will stop at nothing to get Grandma’s house,  and   The Wolfman gets hunger pains just thinking about eating Little Red. Angelica and Mother Hood, Little Red’s busy mother, have to devise a plan to stop this dastardly duo !!!


In the second half –

Dealer Dan decides to woo Mother Hood to get her house as well to complete his land deal and tricks her into signing a contract.  The Wolfman prepares his Grandma disguise to trick Little Red. But never fear, Angelica is near to save  the day !!!  Just as The Wolfman is about to sink his teeth into Little Red, Angelica appears to chase him away and changes him into a vegetarian !!!

Great characters, comedy, song and dance as well as a large dose of audience participation.

Songs include: The Angelica Rap, Bad, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Stop,  You’re The One That I Want, Hey Mickey, Let’s Get Loud


“ALADDIN & His Magic Lamp”













Triple Treat bring another favourite pantomime story to life on stage with an adult cast plus children’s chorus from The GY Wiz Kidz. The show consists of fun characters, song and dance routines, colourful costumes and backdrops and lots of audience participation. It is presented in two 40 -45 minute halves with a 10-15 minute interval, for maximum audience involvement at your club.


In the first half:

We meet Abanazar, a thieving scoundrel who tells us his one dream is to trick Aladdin into entering the cave at the outskirts of Old Peking and getting him the Magic Lamp which will give him untold wealth and power.

Next we go to the very unusual Widow Twankey’s Chinese Laundry where we meet her two sons, Wishee Washee, a hard working boy who gets into trouble and mischief all the time and Aladdin who dreams of marrying the Princess one day, if he could only be wealthy and powerful.

But, unfortunately Aladdin is caught in the palace grounds meeting the Princess and is thrown into prison by the palace guards.

Abanazar offers to free him if Aladdin will go into the cave and get the Magic Lamp, which he agrees to do.

However, when in the cave, Aladdin is dazzled by all the wonderful treasures, and has second thoughts about giving Abanazar the Magic Lamp. Abanazar gets angry and seals the cave entrance with Aladdin still in the cave!

Aladdin rubs the Magic Lamp and is granted three wishes by the Genie of the Lamp.


In the second half:

We find Aladdin has escaped the cave and become wealthy and powerful, thanks to the Genie of the Lamp, who Aladdin says he will set free.

Aladdin plans to marry the Princess, but before he can propose, Abanazar tricks the Princess into swapping the Magic Lamp for an old one and before she knows it, she has given away Aladdin’s Lamp and all his wealth and power.

Abanazar makes the Genie of the Lamp do all his dirty work, but then Widow Twankey grabs the Magic Lamp and says if he wants to be wealthy and powerful, he will have to marry her!

Aladdin is free to marry the princess and asks Wishee Washee to be his best man.

He also makes his third wish to grant the Genie of the Lamp her freedom.

In gratitude the Genie says she will be Aladdin and the Princess’s servant for the rest of her life.

All that is left to do is to sing a happy finale song and Wishee Washee tells everyone:

Our Pantomime is over, we hope you’ve all had fun,

Aladdins got his Magic Lamp and Abanazars got my mum!!!!!


Songs include: Kung Fu Fighting, Whole New World, Genie in a Bottle, Friend Like Me & Dancing in the Street.

Little Red Riding Hood


Aladdin and his Lamp




Sleeping Beauty